Hazardous Waste Licence

Hazardous Waste Licence

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A Hazardous Waste Licence is a document issued by ZEMA that allow a person to generate, pre-treat, treat, handle, transport, store, dispose of, transit, trade in or export hazardous waste.


  1. National Registration Card (NRC)
  2. Company Registration Certificate
  3. Returns
  4. Decision Letter
  5. Certified Copy of Qualifications of Person Responsible for Compliance with the Act and Conditions of Licence
  6. Insurance
  7. Proof of consultations with residents in area surrounding proposed licence area
  8. EMP
  9. EIA Report
  10. Plans for Reducing Generation of Hazardous Waste over a Period of Time
  11. Name and qualifications of hazardous waste management compliance officer
  12. Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan

Note: To apply, you must be logged on using your free ZamPass account, https://eservices.gov.zm/#/zampasslogin. If this is your first visit, please register first, here: https://zampass.gsb.gov.zm/register.

1. Click on the [Apply for Service] button.

2. Complete all sections of the application form; go through the process by clicking the “Next” button.

3. Once the application form is complete, preview and digitally sign it using the PIN code given to you when you registered your ZamPass account.

4. Pay the Invoice online, by selecting your preferred method of payment, receive the Payment Receipt and Action Notice with further instructions.

5. If self-service, receive your certificate instantly; if operator-assisted, you will receive a notification when the review is finished or when you can visit the office to pick up the document.

Note: If your application is denied, you will receive an Action Notice explaining the grounds of denial and the procedure for appeal.

30 Days

3 (three) years

Application fee – 30 ZMW 

Licence fee – depending on description and class of pollutant:

Generation/ Pretreat/ Treat
Class I – 15000 ZMW 
Class II – 9000 ZMW 
Class III – 6000 ZMW 

Class I – 6000 ZMW 
Class II – 4500 ZMW 
Class III – 3000 ZMW

Class I – 9000 ZMW 
Class II – 6000 ZMW 
Class III – 3000 ZMW

Class I – 15000 ZMW 
Class II – 12000 ZMW 
Class III – 6000 ZMW 

Class I – 30000 ZMW 
Class II – 22500 ZMW 
Class III – 15000 ZMW 

Class I – 10500 ZMW 
Class II – 7500 ZMW 
Class III – 4500 ZMW 

Trade in
Class I – 13500 ZMW 
Class II – 12000 ZMW 
Class III – 10500 ZMW 

Class I – 12000 ZMW 
Class II – 10500 ZMW 
Class III – 900 ZMW