Construction of a Shopping Mall in Woodlands, Lusaka by Vertigo Properties Limited



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LUSAKA, 5TH JUNE, 2017- Construction of a Shopping Mall in Woodlands,

Lusaka by Vertigo Properties Limited

In December, 2016, the Zambia Environmental Management Agency (ZEMA) received an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Report for a proposed shopping mall project at the junction of Chindo and Mutende Roads in Woodlands area in the Lusaka District of the Lusaka Province from Vertigo Properties Limited. The submission was done in accordance with the provisions of the Environmental Management Act No.12 of 2011 (“EMA”) and EIA Regulations No. 28 of 1997 (the Regulations).

In accordance with the requirements of the Regulations with regard to the EIA process, the Agency requested for comments from key stakeholders among them, Ministry of Local Government and Housing, Ministry of General Education, St. Mary’s Parent’s Teachers Association, ZESCO Limited, Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company Limited (LWSC) and National Council for Construction (NCC). In addition, a public hearing for the project was convened at St. Mary’s Secondary School, Lusaka in February, 2017.

The Ministries of General Education and Local Government and Housing as key stakeholders did not object to the project. In addition, ZEMA was also availed a letter from the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources which confirmed the deletion of the special condition regarding any restriction on the use of the property to religious and educational use(s) only.

Based on the above stated wide consultative processes and ZEMA’s evaluation of the proposed mitigation measures against impacts presented in the said EIA report, the Agency has approved the project with conditions. These include:

  1. Obtaining any other relevant authorisations in the country such as those under the Local Government Act Cap 281 of the Laws of Zambia and Public Health Acts Cap 295 of the Laws of Zambia respectively;
  2. Consultation with the Road Development Agency (RDA) and compliance in full with their conditions and specifications;
  3. Compliance in full to LWSC conditions and requirements and ensuring that the mall is serviced accordingly;
  4. Putting in place measures to ensure that pupils at St. Mary’s Secondary School are not disturbed during the project construction and operation phases;
  5. Not to use blasting methods throughout the project cycle;
  6. Constructing the mall in such a way that the mall would be obscured to classes above ground to avoid distraction of pupils; and
  7. Design of facilitates that could generate unacceptable noise with appropriate noise proof construction materials.

ZEMA would like to reiterate it is a requirement of the law for all developers to fully adhere to the conditions specified for all approved projects and to ensure that developments are undertaken in accordance with environmental laws and other relevant laws prescribed in Zambia.

ZEMA may suspend or cancel the Decision Letter should Vertigo Properties Limited fail to comply with any of the specified conditions.


Issued by:

Irene Lungu Chipili

Manager – Corporate Affairs

Zambia Environmental Management Agency


Phone: +260 211 254 023/59/ +260 977-744299

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