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Feb 03, 2013:


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The GHS Project in Zambia

The GHS project in Zambia, implemented from 2010-2012, was aimed at strengthening Zambia’s National capacity to implement the Strategic Approach to Inter-national Chemicals Management (SAICM) and GHS for classification and labeling of chemicals. The overall ob-jective of the project was to enable Zambia work to-wards a coordinated implementation of SAICM and con-tribute to GHS implementation and protection of human health and the environment from dangerous chemicals. The project sort to engage all relevant activities so as to:

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The project was also aimed at making contributions to the implementation of international chemicals management agreements in general such as Basel, Rotterdam and Stock-holm Conventions and the Montreal Protocol on the Deple-tion of the Ozone layer, by focusing on labeling of chemi-cals as an important building block for sound chemicals management and trade in chemicals.

The project also fo-cuses on providing more in-depth training on the GHS in order to further enable SAICM implementation in Zambia.